Canterbury Creek Gardens

Canterbury Creek gardens is an all-organic garden center that brings the best produce available to Greater Cleveland — including certified organic produce — produce from select local farmers that use sustainable growing methods — and produce that we grow ourselves to the highest possible standards.

Nutritious food starts with healthy soils so we use and sell only compost based, living soils.

Our fertilizers are enriched with trace minerals from substances like kelp, humates, greensand and rock powders — and contain a rich blend of beneficial microbes like¬†mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and actinomycetes which nourish and protect plants from diseases.

We offer seminars and emails to educate our customers about the problems associated with modern agricultural methods and how they can grow their own nutritionally rich food.

Our Immunity Builder Salad mix is a blend of the most nutritionally rich foods grown in the best possible way. Our Little Gems cherry tomatoes are a mouth watering delight and our organic Salad Bowl Planters are a great way to grow the world’s most nutritionally rich foods yourself. (see pics above).

We are still building our website, so stop back soon.


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