black cherryThis tomato was planted in July and quickly grew to 12 ft wide by 8 ft high with great nourishment!

We spend many hours every year making sure that our fertilizers are the best, most cost effective organic fertilizers available. Our plants grow great and taste great because we use great fertilizers.

Our all-organic, all purpose, garden fertilizer provides major nutrients from composted poultry manure and feathermeal  for slow release nitrogen. Sulfate of potash magnesia provides three major essential nutrients, K, Mg, and S, naturally combined into one mineral. Natural soft rock phosphate contains phosphorus and calcium plus other minerals in a slow release form that encourage earthworms and soil bacteria that enrich and aerate the soil.

North Atlantic kelp and humates, along with the rock powders, provide a complex of over 60 trace minerals and bio stimulants easily assimilated by plants. Jersey Greensand, a marine deposit, also contains 22 minerals.

It contains natural microbes from the composted poultry manure — plus over fifty (50) strains of bacteria and ten (10) strains of Streptomycetes which are important decomposers and produce more than half of the world’s antibiotics. It also has several species of mycorrhizal fungi spores that colonize plant roots and improve the ability of plants to utilize the soil resources — and five strains of Trichoderma fungi to produce natural growth hormones and enhance disease suppression.

There is no better fertilizer — especially for growing vigorous and productive veggies — packed full of nutrients.