2015 CSA Program


We are now accepting membership for our sixth annual CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.


Members receive a weekly portion of the best quality produce available — with healthy recipes — at discounted prices. This program is designed to:


  • Improve the quality and variety of the foods you eat.
  • Save you money.
  • Support farmers trying to grow quality foods using responsible and sustainable methods.
  • Drastically reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in producing your family food (which is usually equal to the amount used in family vehicles).
  • Introduce you to new produce items at their peak — along with recipes for use — and healthy, easy and tasty recipes for using them.


1. Eat Better

Our CSA program is designed to provide you with a selection of the most nutritionally rich food available — because micronutrient deficiency is our biggest health problem today. It is certified organic or local chemical-free — with the exception of our sweet corn (which is non-GMO). Sweet corn usually rates low in pesticide levels — and anyone who has tasted our sweet corn can understand the exception.


Our weekly package starts with our Immunity Builder Salad Mix. There is no more versatile, or nutritionally rich food in this area. As Joel Furhman, M.D. and acclaimed nutritionist puts it, “Salad is the main dish in a healthy diet — nutrient rich and calorie sparse.”


It will also provide you with a wide assortment of chemical-free and certified organic produce — at their peak quality. This will introduce you to many great fruits and veggies that you would probably not have tried — and at peak season. This assortment of fresh fruits and veggies means a wider range of micronutrients consumed.


Our CSA program has included over 100 different high quality veggies and fruits. The recipes that we provide give you examples of how to prepare many tasty dishes — using methods that maximize their nutritional benefits.


2. Save You Time

It can be very difficult, and time consuming, to find great produce, in peak season, using today’s food supply system. Produce is available year round — but nobody knows where it came from, how it was grown, or most importantly, how it tastes. Our CSA program does much of this work for you, finding quality foods in peak season, at reasonable prices.


3. Save Money

Quality produce is not often available at reduced prices. Our CSA members have been able to get substantial savings over the years — while also getting premium produce.


Here are the final tallies for our 2014 CSA program.

$684.62 worth of premium food for a cost of $450

A savings of $234.62 or 34.3% off retail for chemical-free and organic produce.

2013 members saved $216.31, or 32.5% off retail.

2012 members saved $209, or 32% off retail.

2011 members saved $212.53, or 33.3% off retail.


While we cannot guarantee this same value, we once again guarantee a minimum 22% discount (similar to previous years’ guaranteed savings). As the 2015 summer brings additional savings, we will again pass it along to our CSA members.


4. Supporting Responsible and Sustainable Farmers. With so few farmers growing nutritious farm foods in a sustainable way today, it is of great importance that we support them as much as possible. We grow our produce and buy other CSA items almost exclusively from farmers using quality and sustainable practices.


5. Reduce the fossil fuels used in producing your family food. The average American family uses as much fossil fuel in putting food on their table as they do in their cars every year — most of it unnecessarily. Most of it is used in making chemical fertilizers, followed by refrigeration, and cultivation. Our CSA program stresses organic, local when possible, and by keeping things fresher, minimizes refrigeration costs. This minimizes the 2 biggest fossil fuel uses — chemical fertilizer and refrigeration — and minimizes transportation.


Savings / Pricing / Payment

To become a member, you must purchase a share.  Listed below is the share pricing and value of the food that you will receive.


Program Length — The program will last 19 weeks. Pickup days will be Sundays, beginning June 14, 2015 and ending October 18, 2015.


Single Share: $450.00

You Pay — $450.00 or $23.68 / week

Value — $551.00 or $29.00 / week

Guaranteed Bonus Value — $101.00 or 22%


Each week, your Single Share will include:

One pound of Immunity Builder Salad Mix (a $12 value) and $17 worth of produce, including a special and seasonal organic fruit of the week.


Note: Once again our 2014 CSA program sold out — and we had a waiting list for available spots. Enrollment will once again be on a first come basis (based on when payment is received).


We will again be limiting membership to insure quality.

Payment can be made by cash or check only.

Call with any questions at 440-899-2740 — or return email.


Fresh really means fresh

Produce freshness is a factor of time and temperature. For example, green onions stay fresh for 2 weeks at 35-38 degrees — but at a temperature of 75 degrees, they will begin to deteriorate in a few hours.


Because of perishability issues related to storage temperature, we, and the other growers we deal with have adequate space in walk-in coolers to quickly cool down fresh produce to ideal storage temperatures. Harvesting occurs as late as possible — often on Sunday mornings.



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  1. We would like to signup for 2015 CSA. Is a full payment of $450.00 required right away for a spot or can we make half payment until we start our first pick up?

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