Salad Bowl Planter Workshops

salad bowl planter

Salad Bowl Planter Workshops 

“The World’s Most Nutritious Foods for Pennies a Day”

We had been trying to grow greens in a simple but productive method for a couple of years when we finally realized that the peat-based, bagged soils and commercial fertilizers we were selling at the time just didn’t work for continuous production of healthy greens — or any plants actually.

Leafy greens stand out because they require higher fertility levels and because you are continuously harvesting them — so growing them more productively and more maintenance free requires better soils and fertilizers. 


Then, like magic, everything started clicking when we found that growing leafy greens in an all-organic method using living soils and living organic fertilizers, could be extremely productive — and also be a practical source for a steady supply of nutritious greens.   


Salad Bowl Planters™ produce plants that are very healthy — and also very productive and nutritious. They are easy to maintain and they are also as decorative as ornamental planters.


Despite all of the hype about things like Acai berries or Goji berries, leafy greens are the world’s most nutritionally rich foods — and the perfect addition to a modern diet that is rich in calories and low in nutrients.

We have four Salad Bowl Planter Workshops scheduled in the next few weeks. You will be able to make your own Salad Bowl Planter — but even more important — learn why they are so productive and how to get the most out of yours.    



Cost for Salad Bowl Planter Workshops is $35 and includes a Salad Bowl Planter which you will make and take home with you. A $25 value plus a 1 lb bag of fertilizer worth $2.99.

Payment will be required in advance since materials need to be purchased.
Reservations will be limited to each seminar.

Simply stop in to reserve your space.