Salad Bowl Planters

salad bowl planterOur organic Salad Bowl Planters are another example of how incredibly productive plants can be if you use biologically active soil and quality organic fertilizers.You only need a pot or two to pick fresh, organic salads for you family everyday.

Lighting conditions – The best light is full sun but cool. When the high summer temperatures kick in (above low 80’s), morning sun and afternoon shade may be best. Although we keep ours in full sun in summer — this requires more frequent watering and more frequent harvesting.

Moisture – Keep Salad Bowl Planters constantly moist to prevent bitterness and bolting.

Fertilizing – Fertilize every 2 weeks with our all-organic fertilizer at the rate on the fertilizer label.

Harvesting – Harvest the outer or lower leaves when they start to become shaded by new leaves or crowded by other plants. If you do not harvest in time, the older (or lower) leaves will turn yellow and need to be discarded. Do not harvest too much or the lower leaf surface area will slow down plant growth.

Preventing Bolting – Bolting is when the plants stop producing vegetative leaves and begin their reproductive phase. This causes bitterness and the end of large, quality leaves for harvesting. Letting the plants dry out or allowing them to get overgrown and crowded will both cause earlier bolting or flowering. Lack of fertilizer will also cause bolting. If your plants do bolt, simply replant and begin to harvest again in a week or two.

Soil and fertilizer choice is the key to great productivity — along with watering and harvesting.